Making Body Care Products

(copied from my old blog)

Posted on September 25, 2015

Two weeks ago, I spent the day at my friend’s horse farm, wandering around with Cathy and picking herbs for making into salves.  It was a glorious fall day with a deep blue sky, and just enough of a light breeze to keep it from being hot.

Our husbands were busy splitting firewood, so we had plenty of time to catch up on family news and just chatter.  The kind of thing that drives the guys crazy, but women thrive on.

So, in the intervening time, I have been extracting the herbs into oils and making salves from their goodness.  Wilding Salve is potent against bug bites and stings, rashes from contact with plants such as nettles and poison ivy, and viral rashes like herpes.  It is filled with the goodness of orange jewelweed, plantain, and comfrey.

Country Garden Salve is very good on bumps and bruises, encouraging circulation with Nutmeg EO.  I also use it on healing sores and scars.  It is rich with calendula, plantain, comfrey and essential oils.  It so pleases me to make these salves and help my friends and family with their healing process.

I’ve also been making body butters and sugar scrubs per order.  Happy Honeybee is based on two essential oils that make honeybees happy – Spearmint and Lemongrass.  Lemongrass-Lavender is a feminine yet refreshing scent and is very popular.

I only use good quality essential oils in the products I make, never fragrance oils.  I gather herbs in a responsible manner, always leaving plenty to more than replace what I have harvested, scattering seed from those plants that re-seed themselves.  I use high quality oils (mainly organic) from a reputable source to extract the essences of the herbs, and fats harvested from animals raised here on our farm.

Here’s a picture of a recent order that I sent out:

Christmas Balm is a combination muscle rub/decongestant that warms and cools with the essences of cayenne, ginger, and menthol.  Essential oils such as tea tree and camphor help open the pores as well as the respiratory tract and I add aspirin to the blend to sooth my arthritic joints and sore muscles.

Body butters and sugar scrubs come in an 8 oz plastic jar.  The scents I described above are available in either one and I can also scent them with any of the essential oils I have on hand:  Lime, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass (combine the three citrus scents – whoo!), Pine, Spruce, Texas Cedarwood, Lavender, and Clove.   Choose a combination of your own, if you like, as there is no extra charge for special blends.

I also sell lip balms in 1/2 oz tubes in the following varieties:
– Smooth Cocoa:  made with natural cocoa butter, so has a light chocolate flavor
– Lime Coconut: with lime EO
– Cooling Citrus: with three citrus EO’s and menthol. Very refreshing!
– Mint Cocoa: natural cocoa butter and spearmint EO

The lip balms are also offered in a lightly tinted version, which gives just a hint of color when applied.

Shipping for combinations of lip balms and the 1/2 oz samples sizes will be a flat rate of $5.95 as they will fit in the small flat rate postal box.

I send a free gift of my choice with each order placed and will also include a product guide with descriptions and usage tips for each of the products I offer.

Stay tuned – I’m hoping to be able to make soap again soon!

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