Mrs K’s Creations: Photos and full product line

(copied from my old blog)

November 29, 2015


Following are descriptions, pricing, and photos of the products I am currently offering.  All of my products are handcrafted in my home.  I only use essential oils, because I have not found good quality fragrance oils with ingredients I can trust.  I responsibly harvest herbs in woods, meadows, and my garden.

A listing of essential oils (EO’s) is included at the end, along with popular scent blends of EO’s.  I love to be creative, so if you want something you don’t see, contact me by pm or e-mail and I’ll work with you on it.

I do not use preservatives, so it is important to keep the products clean and dry (soap excepting).  With the salves, it is recommended that you use a clean cotton swab or other implement to remove the required amount.  With the other products, wash your hands with soap and water before touching the contents to prevent introducing molds and bacteria.

Regarding the balms and body butters, these are made from whipped tallow, which incorporates air, much like whipped cream.  If they are exposed to heat, the tallow will melt a bit and the product will not be as fluffy.  It is still just as nourishing to the skin and good to use.

Most products are made to order, however, soap making is a three-week process.  With soap, if you desire a custom blend, there will be a surcharge of $3.00 per bar, unless you order at least 7 bars (a half batch).

Measurement is by volume, not by weight.

Shipping costs:  ½ oz containers fit into the small flat-rate boxes, which ship for $5.95.  Most other orders will ship in medium flat-rate boxes, at $12.65.  These are the priority boxes, which are usually delivered in 2-3 business days.

Payment is through PayPal and is required before products ship.

Balms and Salves:
Wilding Salve ½ oz $2.99  2 oz $10.49
Named for the herbs that are mostly wild harvested, this salve combines the best that nature has to offer when you run into biting or stinging insects, poison ivy, or skin infections (impetigo and herpes cold sores), and other rashes and skin irritations.

Country Garden Salve  ½ oz $3.49  2 oz $11.49
Made with herbs and flowers gathered from my garden, augmented with essential oils, this salve is beneficial for bumps, bruises, and scrapes.  It helps encourage circulation, reducing swelling and promotes more rapid healing.  Use to support mostly healed cuts, scars, and burns, but never on open wounds.

Black Drawing Salve  ½ oz $3.99  2 oz $12.99
Made with activated charcoal, French green clay, raw honey, and essential oils known for their antimicrobial action, this salve is good for drawing out splinters, slivers, and skin infection such as boils and pimples.

Dulcet Cordial Balm  2 oz $14.99  8 oz $49.99
Made with therapeutic grade essential oils, many named in the Bible, known for their restorative properties, and for renewal at the cellular level.  Can be used for nighttime facial moisturizer.  Massage into dry skin, over sore areas, and inhale the slightly floral, slightly sweet scent for a relaxing and centering experience.
Christmas Balm  ½ oz $3.99  2 oz $12.99  8 oz $21.99
A delightfully scented muscle rub/decongestant made with camphor, menthol, cayenne, and other EO’s that warm & cool to improve circulation and clear upper respiratory congestion.  Use on sore muscles and joints, rub into chest, throat, and over sinus areas for relief.

Body Butter  ½ oz $2.49  2 oz $9.99  8 oz $18.99
Made with beef tallow harvested from steers raised on our family farm, this body butter is light and very nourishing to the skin.  It goes on slightly greasy – use sparingly! – yet absorbs into the skin quickly.  Essential oils make sure it smells lovely.

Sugar Scrub  8 oz $13.49
Made with Morena sugar for its texture, sugar scrubs are a good exfoliant and promote healthy skin.  Essential oils are not necessary to the scrub, but make it a more pleasant experience.  Can be used face to feet. Instructions on use are included in my Product Guide.

Deodorant  2 ½ oz tube $10.99
This deodorant is made with quality essential oils and just a bit of starch to help dry up perspiration, but doesn’t leave a residue.  Contains no aluminum or baking soda.

Soap Average weight of bars is 8.2 oz, they measure approximately 2 ½ x 3 x 1 ½ inches.  $7.49

These soaps are made with tallow and lard harvested from animals raised on our farm.  Enriched with good quality oils and dairy butter, this soap is incredibly gentle to the skin.  Additions to soaps such as oatmeal, specific essential oils, cosmetic clay, and citrus rind specialize each variety of soap.  They can be used for the whole body, face to feet.




Currently available in my Inspired Feminine Collection:  Delicate (lemongrass-lavender), Southern Sass (sweet orange-lavender), and Tomboy (lime-lavender).  Additional fragrances will be coming soon.

Lip Balm   .5 oz tube $3.49
Made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, and beeswax from my own hives, these lip balms are incredibly nourishing.  They are firm enough to stand up well to summer weather and pocket temperatures, yet go on soft and smooth.  Tinted lip balms include fine mica and cosmetic clay and give just a hint of color.  Other flavors/blends available on request..

– Smooth Cocoa: made with natural cocoa butter, so has a light chocolate flavor
– Lime Coconut: with lime EO
– Cooling Citrus: with three citrus EO’s and menthol, very refreshing!
– Mint Cocoa: natural cocoa butter and spearmint EO

Animal Care Products:
Sasha’s Oil  2 oz dropper bottle $10.00
Made with a blend of herbs infused in Rice Bran oil, castor oil, and Lavender EO, this oil works a wonder on itchy dog’s ears.  Named for my dog, who no longer scratches her ears, groaning and whining.  Instructions for use are included.

Cayenne/Ginger/Menthol Paste Double packaged in zip-top bags, one cup by measure, $5.00

This is the ground spices cayenne pepper and ginger that have been infused in Rice Bran oil, with menthol added.  Blended by you into lard or coconut oil to make a thick poultice to rub onto a cow’s udder, this paste will encourage circulation and help break up mastitis.

Udder Balm  2 oz  $9.99  8 oz $18.99

Whipped tallow body butter with lavender, oregano, and tea tree EO’s, this is incredibly nourishing and antibacterial, and will help prevent cracked teats by keeping the skin soft and supple.  Can be applied at any time, even with calves nursing, as the ingredients are all edible quality.  If you would like other EO’s added, just let me know.

Essential Oils:

Inspired Feminine Collection:
Delicate (lemongrass-lavender)
Southern Sass (sweet orange-lavender)
Tomboy (lime-lavender).

Barbershop Quartet (lime, cypress, cinnamon leaf, clove)

Or, create your own blend from the following Essential Oils I currently have available:

Bay Laurel Lavender Rosemary
Camphor Lemon Spruce
Cinnamon Leaf Lemongrass Star Anise
Clove Lime Tea tree
Cypress Pine Texas Cedarwood

If you would like something that I don’t already have, pm or e-mail me and I’ll look into it.


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