A new refrigerator

In the scheme of things, buying a new refrigerator may not seem like much.  But at 53 years old, this refrigerator is only the second new one I’ve purchased in my entire life.  The old one is 19 years old and was the first new refrigerator I’ve ever own.  Otherwise, I have made do with hand-me-downs.

So to me, it is very special.  I have had a hard time facing up to the fact that it is time to let the old one go.  We were given a refrigerator two years ago that works just fine and I could have had it hauled in and replaced the fridge in my kitchen with that one, but it almost hurt to think of doing that.  Because that fridge would never truly be mine.  How could I give up mine – working badly as it does – for one that has a history that predates us?

A little ridiculous, I know.  But I am loyal.  To a fault.

I’ve been checking prices online, drooling over french doors and bottom freezers, but fully knowing I could not afford such.  Then on Friday, saw the clearance signs at the local Sears store, so decided to stop in on a whim.  Most of the appliances are marked down quite well, as they are selling off last year’s models in order to make room for the new models.  But even those prices were beyond my budget, except for the old school fridges with one door each for the freezer and fridge, with the freezer on top.  I already have a spare fridge like that.

Then I noticed this big, yellowy model with french doors, bottom freezer, and a clearance tag on it…for less than half the original price.  The tag said it was used.  I asked the salesman how used?  It turns out that someone purchased it and had it delivered…just to find out that it wouldn’t fit.  It has never been so much as plugged in.  It just doesn’t have it’s box anymore.

So the new refrigerator – much more than I could ever imagine having – will be delivered on Wednesday morning.

I’ll spend the next couple of days working on getting the fridge cleaned out and cleared off. I don’t know about everyone else, but the outside of my fridge tends to be an archive of family life. There are business cards and newspaper ads for businesses we use frequently – I will use the copier to make them all into one sheet of paper that will be put in a sheet protector for future reference. Then there are cards my daughter has made for me over the years, notes from the grand kids, photos that I want to look at on a regular basis.

Plus the grocery list, maybe the most important thing on the fridge. Or at least the one place where we know it will always be.

The new fridge will start out pristine, but will eventually end up cluttered with the minutiae of our lives. And that’s okay with me because an empty-fronted refrigerator looks sterile to me.

Ours looks like love.

2 thoughts on “A new refrigerator

  1. 🙂 Enjoy the new fridge! I too have fantasized over new kitchen appliances. The wants and nice to have`s and all that are out there. We will be forced into looking for a new one soon I am thinking as we are still using the 14yr old one that came with the house (the house is 14) and it seems to be accumulating a lot of condensation in the bottom 😦


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