The Virus

There are all kinds of new phrases being bandied about these days:  the new “normal”, social distancing, stay at home.  People are looking different, too.  Many of us wear face masks when we are out to pick up groceries or fill the gas tank.  A few weeks ago, I noticed that children were holding close to their parents and looking at people fearfully.

Now stores are limiting the number of customers who can be in a store at a time.  Excluding children under the age of 16.  Placing markers on their floors so people will know how far apart to stand.  I’ve even seen that some stores are making their aisles one way.

Life has changed a lot but people haven’t changed.  We still love our families, we have hopes and dreams. We want to know what tomorrow holds, but that has always been the case.  We welcome the sunshine and the softer feel to the air that comes with Spring.

My prayer for us all is that while we are staying at home as much as possible and staying the requisite 6 feet apart when we need a gallon of milk, is that we will never forget who we are.  How small this world truly is.  That everyone on this planet is our neighbor.  How sad that something so small we cannot see it unassisted, so new that we cannot understand how it works,  is yet so insidiously driving a wedge in between us.  While we cannot shake hands, hug or visit the ones we love, we still love.

I’m so thankful for the technology that allows us to stay in contact with each other.  There is a brand new set of twins in my family – I cannot meet them yet, but I can see their pictures and hear stories from their mom and grandmother.  I read the stories my friends and families write and I smile.  I notice the people that are unusually absent and I worry.  Then I make a phone call or send a text.

In the midst of all of this, seek your happy place.  I know that sounds trite, but think about it:  what truly makes you happy?  A fluffy kitten taking on her reflection in the mirror?  Wildflowers today where yesterday there seemed to be only grass?  A glorious sunrise or -set?  Peace in the garden, hanging out with your horse, swinging on the porch with your favorite gal or guy?

Even if you cannot actively participate in the things that make you happiest, you can visit them in your mind.  Set aside a few minutes or a half an hour to sit quietly and reflect on what makes you feel peaceful, brings a smile to your face, or calms your heart.

Psalm 63:6-8 New International Version (NIV)

On my bed I remember you;
    I think of you through the watches of the night.
Because you are my help,
    I sing in the shadow of your wings.
I cling to you;
    your right hand upholds me.


My comfort comes from God and my personal relationship with Him.  Because I trust Him, I do not worry about what will happen in the future.  Because He has already been there and He’s got me.

I pray that my words bring comfort and insight to you.


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